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Norton In Hales Fibre Broadband Project

You may have seen our post not long ago to gauge interest in the potential of full fibre internet being delivered to the village and surrounding properties. The response was so good, we have decided to set up a project to make it happen...


What is Full Fibre Broadband?


Full Fibre Broadband or Fibre to The Premises (FTTP) as it’s also known, replaces the copper that currently connects our properties to the nearest “Green Box” with a Fibre Optic cable. This enables a connection of up to 1Gbps - (that’s 1,000Mbps!). To put that into perspective, currently speeds in and around the village are between 1Mbps and 80Mbps. It’s also completely reliable, unlike the current service.


What are the benefits?


With the improved connection we will all be able to complete our digital activities faster, web pages will load quicker, devices will operate more smoothly, and it will open up new opportunities too! That means people can work from home easier, more people can have devices in one household and local businesses can become more efficient.


How do we get it?


The government has aimed to deliver Full Fibre Broadband to everyone in the UK by 2025 but that may slip and I’m sure you will agree we want it sooner!


Openreach have launched a scheme called the Community Fibre Partnership, this gives communities like ours the opportunity to say, "we want Full Fibre Broadband and commit to taking the product when it’s delivered". Once delivered, it is open for the communications providers (CP’s) to offer a service over, this could be the likes of Sky, Talk Talk, Plus Net etc.



To make this happen we need residents to give us permission to include their names and addresses, then Openreach will come back to us with what the cost of the service will be...


In the first instance, we would like to get 50 residents to pledge their interest and that will then mean we can have a conversation with Openreach. Openreach ask that we collect this data to demonstrate the demand locally, and they can then talk directly to us as a community.



Here’s the clever bit...


There is currently funding available for communities like ours under the Rural Gigabit Connectivity scheme and the more people we get a pledge from, the more funding we get. We also get extra funding for businesses too, so if you run a business, please let us know in your response as the funding more than doubles for your property! We would hope that this funding will cover the full cost of the solution.





Please pledge your interest by filling out the form on this page and please say if you are a business owner. 


If anyone has any questions, please let us know and we hope this is the start of bringing full fibre broadband to our community.

Register your interest

Please fill out the below form to register your interest for Full Fibre Broadband. Your information will only be used in relation to this subject and will adhere to our privacy policy as detailed here.

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