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A cardiac defibrillator is located in a yellow cabinet on the front wall of The Hind's Head and is available for use in the event of a cardiac arrest incident. Although the village has its own team of trained operators who are alerted by the Ambulance Service, members of the public can also access the defibrillator in such an emergency. It should be noted that the unit provides recorded instructions, is self-regulating and cannot harm a patient.


In the event of a cardiac emergency call the Ambulance Service on 999 and state that a cardiac arrest has occurred (or is suspected) and  the location of the patient; the Ambulance Service may ask supplementary questions. Give them the Norton in Hales Defibrillator Code which is printed on the cabinet door and they will give you the door combination code. Meanwhile they will allocate the highest priority for ambulance dispatch. Following the incident please return the defibrillator to the cabinet only when cleared to do so by the ambulance crew.


If the defibrillator is removed from the cabinet it will need to be checked by trained persons. Therefore it is essential to inform David Rigby (654202) or Stephen Bailey (653884) as soon as possible.

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