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Norton In Bloom

The Norton In Hales Britain In Bloom Group

Floriat Salopia - May Shropshire Flourish

Norton in Hales village has been selected by the RHS Britain In Bloom panel to participate in their national competition for 2024.

Having won gold and category winner in the 2023 Heart of England village category, Norton was chosen as one of only 8 villages in the country to enter the Britain In Bloom competition at National level.

The village has won the Heart of England several times and gone on to win at the national RHS Britain in Bloom level three times, culminating in being declared The RHS Britain in Bloom Champion of Champions in 2015.

We follow RHS guidelines in order to encourage a rich insect, bird and bat population, a sustainable approach to what we plant, harvesting as much water as possible and only using peat free compost.

As well as managing the horticultural direction the village takes, the group also organises various gardening and environmental events which raise vital funds that pay for the plants, compost, and new initiatives.

We meet for a drink in the Hind’s Head pub once a month to plan and discuss projects for the coming months, all of which is minuted and entered onto the Norton In Hales Website.

Chairman of the Group - Sarah Moulson
Vice Chairman - Una Cole
Secretary - Amy Green

Treasurer - Dilwyn Harris

For all information please contact:


Click Here for the Norton In Hales Britain in Bloom 2023 Portfolio

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