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Help needed for school garden project

At Norton school we have limited space and very little green space, there is however a small courtyard that is currently unused. We have had a big tidy up and now the

plan is to fill it with plants, some seating, colour, texture and scents to create a positive and calming place for the children to be in, use for teaching and enjoy. We had a gardening club last summer, and have recently put in a greenhouse, water butt

and compost maker, hopefully all this can be used to teach the children about

nature, growing food, sustainability, life cycles and much more. 

So we would be grateful if anyone could spare any large containers and/or plants to

go in them, ideal plants would be low maintenance, evergreen, bold, full of texture

and colour. Also if anybody considers themselves to have artistic talent, the children

have requested some jungle based images to be painted on the walls; parrots,

monkeys, vines etc. We can't promise to accept every donation as space is limited

but will do our best to make the most use of anything you good folks can spare!

Please message Matt Eardley on 07837 030768. Many thanks! 

Will keep you updated on this and also a woodland planting project for the school

this  winter


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