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Samuel Owen - Genealogy of his mother

Samuel Owen’s ancestors – by Arne Sundstrom

In the 1960’s, I got the following notes on the ancestors of Samuel Owen from a man who studied old english church registers:

Nothing is known about the ancestors of Samuel Owens father but much about the ancestors of his mother. The first ancestor is Roger Madeley of Faules Green in Prees in the north-west part of Shropshire. He was buried on September 2th of 1679, and his wife  Elizabeth was buried on Januari 1st of 1667. They had four sons, Robert, Arthur, Humphrey and George.

Humphrey was baptised on February 21th of 1635 or 1636. He is probably identical to the man Humphrey Madeley, who married Margaret Denton in the neighbury parish Hodnet on December 23rd 1662. Hodnet is 5 ½ miles southwest of Market Drayton, close to the river Tern. His wife Margaret died in 1666, and Humphrey Madeley remarried May 16th 1667 in Hodnet  Kathren Firmison, probably a daughter of John and Mary Firmison. John Firmison was buried on April 16th 1667 in Hodnet and Mary Firmison also in Hodnet on April 12th 1663.

Humphrey and Kathren Madeley had three daughters Sarah, Mary and Susanna and two sons George and Samuel. Humphrey was

buried on September 15th 1700 and Kathren on March 25th 1710. Of their sons, George lived 1673 – 1757 and was a shoemaker in Hodnet. In his marriage, he had six children. His brother Samuel was baptised on February 17th 1681, was trained at a tailor Hodnet and moved with him to  Market Drayton. He married Mary Tacker in the neighbury parish Cheswardine in 1712. They got the children Thomas, born 1713 in Hodnet, Samuel born 1716, Mary born 1719 in Cheswardine and Susanna born 1722 in Stoke-upon-Tern. Around 1720, the family moved to Wisthanswick in Stoke-upon-Tern, 4 miles southwest of Market Drayton. Mary Tacker died in 1728, and Samuel Madeley remarried on April 29th 1730 with Sarah Yates. They had only one child, Catherine who was baptised on June 7th 1730. Her mother Sarah died 1736-1737 and was buried on January 20th 1737. His daughter of his first marriage Susanna died in 1740.

Catherine Madeley married George Owen on December 27th 1751 med George Owen. To the end of the 1760’s, they lived in Stoke-upon-Tern but later, they moved to Norton-in-Hales. This parish had only 269 inhabitants in 1801. Catherine Madeley and George Owen got the children John, baptized on September 17th 1752, George baptized on April 14th 1754, Mary baptized on May 23rd 1756, Sarah baptized on April 1st 1759, Thomas baptized on December 8th1765, William baptized on May 1st  1768, Richard baptized on January 19th  1770, Samuel baptized on March 1st 1772 and dead very young, Samuel born on May 12th  and baptized on June 9th1774 and James baptized on March 3rd 1777.

James Owen was a carpenter in Norton Forge, Norton-in-Hales, was married twice and had at least seven children. His son Samuel born 1807 was a shoemaker, James born 1811 was a wagon-maker and William born 1829 was a blacksmith. All of them lived in Norton-in-Hales, were married and had children. James Owen was buried on July 1st 1835.

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