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Jubilee Hall

The Jubilee Hall continues to be used by the village school and toddlers groups.

In addition, it welcomes a wide variety of village activities, as well as private functions, children’s parties etc.


To book the village hall, please contact Sue Walton on 01630 654734 Alternative contacts for taking bookings are Sue Hackney – 01630 657280 or Carolyn and Alan Dutton – 01630 654844

Hire Out Rates Daytime : £13 per hour Evening: First two hours £25, thereafter £9 per hour

We will normally make a reduction to the hire out rate in respect of any local charity fundraising and also discuss a reduction in rates for any long term rental.

We also have crockery/cutlery/tables/chairs that are available to hire. For a quote, please contact Sue.


A brief history On April 26th 1926 a public meeting was held in Norton-in-Hales school to consider the question of whether the village should have a Village Hall. The meeting was unanimous that a hall ‘was desirable’ and after much discussion ‘steps were taken to erect a Hall’.

In order that work begin immediately, interest free loans were offered by Captain Radford Norcop £100, Mrs J Meadows – £50 and Mr J Meadows – £50.

Sites were viewed and their owners interviewed however nothing was decided until Captain Radford Norcop offered a site ‘on the Drayton Road near his Gardener’s Cottage’.

The specification was for a Hall 50 feet x 24 feet with ‘a small room at one end’. However it was then ascertained that the cost would be ‘at least £300 and no less’.

The Secretary, Mr J Meadows, informed the meeting that he had been over ‘to Park Hall Camp, which was being dismantled, and it was possible to get a corrugated iron hut 60 feet x 21 feet for £45.00 plus £7.00 for dismantling and £10.00 for transportation to the site’.

On the 6th November 1926 at 3.30pm, less than 7 months after the preliminary meeting, Norton-in-Hales Village Hall was ‘formally declared open by Lady Stamer.’ Also on the platform were ‘Captain Radford Norcop and Mrs Radford Norcop, Presidents, Sir Lovelace, Mrs & Mrs J Meadows, Mr C Chadwick and the rector, Rev. D Roberts.

Tea was served afterwards and realised the sum of £3 11s 6p

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