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Great Flood of Norton In Hales 2019

Beginning in the early evening of the 25th October 2019, what started off as a typical spell of heavy rain started to become more sinister as the minutes ticked on. As the villagers of Norton In Hales went about their increasingly soggy evening little did they know what was in store.

By around 7PM Bellaport Road had ceased to be a road and in fact took on the characteristics of a small stream, the further along the road you traveled out of the village the more treacherous your journey became.

At around 8PM, Main Road between The Hinds Head and the school started to fill up as the drains struggled to cope with the sudden influx of water

As 11:30PM crept up, a group of villagers who made their way from the pub back home realized how bad things had become. Main road had joined Bellaport Road in becoming an ever increasing body of water, its deepest point reaching up to your knees!

Knowing things could get worse they jumped into action, attempting to release the drains from their leafy demise and trying to protect the surrounding houses from water ingress by the use of sealant and sand.

The following day saw many helping hands attempt to get things under control.

Finally, as the rain ceased you could see the impact the storm had on Norton In Hales:

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