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The North Staffordshire Hunt meets twice during January 2020 in Norton in Hales

“Horses barely stopped galloping and jumping all day in this oasis of delectable hunting country” so wrote Frank Houghton Brown in the widely read “Horse & Hound “ magazine of 6 February 2020.

He had enjoyed a full-on day with the North Staffordshire Hunt during the second of their two meets in Norton in Hales in January. “To be made so welcome in grassland when it is this wet shows a remarkable relationship with farmers” wrote Brown. The latter was a top-class day’s hunting “in this old-fashioned bit of hunting country”. Over 40 riders started the day with a good attendance from foot followers for both hunts. Field master was Jonathon Jarrett MFH for both meets. Senior Joint-Master Ann Hartley MFH explained the hunt’s remarkable relationship with the farmer is partly due to the hunt’s fallen stock service. “We still pick up fallen stock from the farmers and they really do appreciate the service we do”, said Ann who is in her 20th season in office. Here some images of both meets in our village.

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