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Village Coronavirus Support

With the most recent government advice and the impending isolation measures for the vulnerable and over 70’s we are looking to build a village support network.

We are sure that the village community is well prepared and we are already keeping an eye on our neighbours ensuring they have all they need, however the idea behind this initiative is to bolster any support already in place and ensure that our entire community has all the support it needs through these challenging times.

Over the coming months we will be utilising various communication methods for you to make requests for yourself or someone you are supporting locally for any of the following (but not limited to)

  • Additional support required no matter how big or small - just ask and we will try our best to support.

  • Any request for items from the village inventory (see below).

  • Any offers of time which could be used for anything from picking up supplies, mowing a lawn, dog walking, the list is endless.

We will also be looking to create a free village inventory full of useful items that will help over the coming weeks and months such as spare over the counter medicines, food supplies and of course loo rolls but unfortunately you will need to supply your own wine!

If you have anything to offer the inventory, please message us and we will come and pick it up.

We are very lucky to live in such a fantastic community here in Norton in Hales, as always we are stronger together and will come out of this an even closer community than before.

We will be dropping notes through all doors containing the following contact information, detailing ways to get in touch to either offer or request support.

Telephone: 033 000 111 64


WhatsApp: 033 000 111 64

Facebook: Norton in Hales

All methods of contact above are monitored by members of the Norton in Hales community so please rest assured that you’ll be speaking to a friendly voice.

If you use WhatsApp then please add this phone number to your contacts and send a message with the word "Subscribe", this will add you to a group that will keep you informed of any important news regarding Norton In Hales and its surrounding areas.

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