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Local Walks - Extended Circular

For the energetic, a description is given here of an extension to the circular walk of about a mile and a half. It takes in the area of Betton Moss and could easily also form the basis of a shorter circular walk from Betton or Ridgewardine.

Join the extended walk after the comment about seeing the Wrekin:

On reaching the lane running up to Ridgewardine, turn right instead of left, and walk towards Ridgewardine for 350 yards, to a stile in the left-hand hedge by an oak tree. Climb the stile and walk across the field skirting the fenced pond, making for a gate in the far hedge. Once through the gate, bear left diagonally downhill across the field and head for a small old oak tree in line with a black and white house in the distance. There is a gate here, which you go through.

The heading is now for the black and white house, keeping to the right hand hedges, and a stile will be found in the corner of the field leading onto a lane. Turn left and walk along the lane for about half a mile, past Bettonmoss Farm, and a gate will then be found in a high hedge on the left. Walk across this small rough field to a little gate, through a small spinney, to a kissing gate. In the next field keep to the right hand hedge to the line of the old railway and then head diagonally left across the field to another stile, followed by two others at Mosslane Farm, which lead you onto a charming lane. After passing a couple of old cottages you will see an old corrugated iron chapel, now converted into a house, and on the other side the inevitable barn conversions. On reaching the Market Drayton road, turn left and carefully walk through the hamlet of Betton, past Old Betton Hall.

In 50 yards there is an iron kissing gate on the right. From there the path leads straight across three fields towards a line of trees which mark the edge of the river Tern. At the edge of the field turn left for a few yards for the stile that leads onto the lane and rejoin the main walk at Betton Lodge.

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