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Playing Fields

Norton in Hales can be justly proud of its playing field. It provides an important amenity for the children and young people in the village, for the school and for the members of the cricket, bowls and tennis clubs. It is well maintained and receives compliments from visitors and from those who come along to inspect it and to advise on its continuing care.

The field was purchased in 1989 by Norton in Hales Sports and Social Club with grants from the National Playing Field Association (NPFA) and the Sports Council. The latter also provided a loan which was secured by smaller loans from several local people. The loans were eventually paid back after a concerted fund raising effort. Meanwhile the Field was put into trust with NPFA to ensure its long-term protection as an important community recreational area. The foresight shown by those people who worked hard to protect the Field has been rewarded by its continued use, by young and old alike.

The Field is managed on behalf of NPFA by Norton in Hales Community Sports Club, which is a registered charity. The Sports Club Committee comprises three officers and two trustees approved by NPFA, plus representatives of the resident sports clubs, the local school and the Parish Council. The committee has to meet strict guidelines for safety and standards of care. Maintaining the field is expensive and is paid for by a levy on the three clubs, a contribution from the school and a grant from the parish council. It is not easy to raise funds and repairs to equipment make a large hole in the committee’s funds. Moreover, the committee relies on a lot of good will and voluntary effort.

The committee is grateful for this support; without it, the task would be much more difficult. Its members are pleased that so many people use the field and take pleasure in it, and they are working with NPFA to ensure that the playing field remains an important resource for future generations living in and around Norton in Hales. We hope that local families will make good use of the field and will respect the voluntary effort which maintains it. The committee is always pleased to receive comments and suggestions for development of the field and welcomes any help which local residents may be able to offer.

The Community Sports Club also manages the new Community Sports Building which belongs to the charity. The building has been designed with multiple use in mind and it is hoped that in the coming years the local community will use the building to its full potential.

For more information about the building, the charity and its proceedings please click on the links provided.


Norton in Hales Community Sports Club is a registered charity (Reg. 1135793). The objects of the charity are in line with those of the NPFA (Fields in Trust) to provide recreational facilities for the benefit of Norton in Hales and the surrounding area. More information about the charity can be found here:


In January 2008 the old cricket pavilion on the playing field was destroyed by fire. It was decided to construct a replacement building to serve the needs of users of the field plus the wider community. With the help of substantial grants from Shropshire Council, Awards for All and the Northern Marches Leader Group, donations from very many people in the local community and an enormous amount of voluntary work, by summer 2011 work on the Community Sports Building was almost complete.

Photographs of the old and new buildings

Photographs of the old building, the aftermath of the fire and the new building at various stages of the project.

The new building is managed by Norton in Hales Community Sports Club. The building functions to help the Sports Club fulfil its charitable objects to promote sport and recreation in the local community. The building is available for use by local groups and individuals. More information about the management and funding of the building can be found by cotacting Susan.

Anyone interested in making use of the building should contact:

Susan Rowley 16 Ashley View MARKET DRAYTON Shropshire TF9 3AT

Telephone: 01630 658273


If you are interested in running a sporting or recreational activity on the playing field please contact:

Martin Rowley Tel: 01630 658273 Email:

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