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The Countryside and Rights of Way act 2000 introduced a provision for a cut-off date of 1st January 2026 for the recording of historic rights of way. The cut off date will have the effect of extinguishing certain routes not recorded on the Definitive Map by the deadline. Norton In Hales Parish Council has been collating as much information as possible, using old maps dating from the early 1900’s up to the most current Definitive Map recording all footpaths, permissive footpaths, bridleways, permissive bridleways and restrictive byways and tagging them with reference codes and numbers. We are also working closely with the Market Drayton branch of The Ramblers Association who are currently running an awareness campaign on this new legislation.
You may find the FAQs section particularly helpful. We are very keen to hear from anyone in Norton In Hales, Betton and Ridgewardine who know of a possible infringement. We will certainly look into it and possibly get it reinstated for the future enjoyment of the parish. Please get in touch via the Parish Council email address Alternatively You could call or email me on 01630 657475 Sarah Moulson


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